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Serving Colorado Springs and the Front Range since 1999 with home accessibility freedom!

Serving Colorado Springs and the Front Range since 1999 with home accessibility freedom!

Serving Colorado Springs and the Front Range since 1999 with home accessibility freedom!

Serving Colorado Springs and the Front Range since 1999 with home accessibility freedom!




I was watching a couple of preschool kids in the doctors office “playground” the other day. Siblings, they had invented a game called “falling”. It was fun, they would stand on the ledge of a two foot rail and fall to the paper thin industrial strength carpeted floor, giggling and rolling as their little rubbery bodies bounced back for more.


What a difference 50-60-70 years makes! The game of “falling” is not on my list of fun activities anymore. Even though I am not “elderly” I am in my late 50’s and heading toward those years when falling is the “F” word that I hate most.


Two years ago I fell on Christmas Eve, rushing out to our helter-skelter garage for more decorations to put up before the kids arrived. (I am sure that was an early onset Alzheimer’s alert if ever there was one).


Hands full, I turned to grab one last item, a large Christmas teddy bear. Turning toward the door my feet flew out from under me. A broom handle had dropped to the floor while I was rummaging and down I went. The left side of my face cushioned by the teddy bear. Thank goodness I didn’t break anything was all I could think of and I went inside thanking God for that.


Later that night and Christmas morning I hurt everywhere, especially in my shoulder, but not even a bruise had shown up. As time went on pain set in and although it took awhile, finally I was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff. It flairs up once in awhile, but thank God I didn’t break a limb or hip or have a head injury. If I’m blessed to live for another 20 to 40 years, to see my grand kids and great grand kids falling will be foremost on my mind and what I can do to prevent the worst from happening? Here are some statistics and tips on this important subject for our Access to Freedom friends.



Remember that an investment in “fall prevention”

is an investment in "your independence".


Falling is one of the leading causes of death for those over 65. According to a December, 2006 article in USA TODAY, between 1993 and 2003, death rates from falls rose 55% among people over age 65.


Falls accounted for 13,700 deaths and landed 1.8 million older adults in emergency rooms in 2003, according to a report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in November 2006.


Hip fractures lead to complications that kill one in four elderly.


Falls also seem to open up “Pandora’s box” in terms of health problems.


But why is the problem of falls by the elderly on the rise?


“People are living longer, but living with chronic disease,” says CDC researcher Judy Stevens. “We have more very old people who are really quite frail. They are more likely to fall and less likely to survive their injuries.”


When folks do survive their injuries, research has shown they often experience the beginning of physical and mental decline. They may become fearful of moving about their homes or out of their homes.


However, seniors who fear falling actually do themselves a disservice by “staying put”.


“Frail people are highly susceptible to falls and only increase their risk of falling, injury and death”, according to Dr. Frank Kelly, orthopedic surgeon and spokesman for the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.



Here are some simple Measures you can take:


• Exercise to increase both strength and balance.


• Review all medications with your pharmacist, nurse or physician. Look for anything that can cause fatigue or dizziness. Understand your limits.


• Have your vision checked regularly.


• Wear sensible shoes.


* Remember to pick up your feet and not “shuffle”.


• Remove tripping hazards around your house and yard.


• Lighten up! Make sure your home is well lit inside and out, especially stairs and walkways.


• Use assistive devices liberally. Don’t put off getting a cane or walker if it would help, install grab bars where needed, a raised toilet with grab bars can be helpful if you are recovering from illness.


• Put a sturdy shower seat in tub and shower.


• Be mindful of conditions (icy sidewalks, wet pavement, wet floors, etc.).



Here are some ways Access to Freedom can help you with your “fall prevention” and independence.


1. Install hand rails on “both” sides of all stairways.


2. Non-slip treads for bare-wood floors.


3. A raised toilet seat and grab bars on each side and behind toilet.


4. Install grab bars in the shower and bath tub area.


5. Consider a shower seat for tub and shower.


6. Non-slip tub and shower treads


7. Consider installing a walk-in tub.


8. Consider installing a stair lift if you feel uncomfortable going up or down stairs.


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Begin your own fall prevention program now.


Written by Carol Hope Brown

©Access to Freedom INC 2014


"Take extra care to remove tripping and slipping hazards in your bathrooms. It is in the bathroom where a fall or slipping accident will no doubt be caught by a very hard surface, such as a tile floor, a porcelain toilet, or tub...all surfaces you do not want to fall on!"

Fall Prevention ALERT!

Falling is not only for the elderly! Anyone can fall at any age and  have life long disabilities as a result. Why not do everything you can to prevent this from happening to you or to your loved ones.


Ask us at Access to Freedom for a free safety assessment.

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